Featuring Italian, Greek, Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisine from an exhibition kitchen which includes an imported wood-burning oven

Dinner Menu


Mediterranean Platter – – with dolmas, hummus, tabouli, eggplant puree (contains walnuts), and kalamata olives, served with freshly baked flat bread $12
Roasted Garlic served with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and toasted baguette  $8
Grilled Eggplant – with marinara, mozzarella, Parsley, Parmesan and Romano cheeses $9.95
Jumbo Prawns and Sea Scallops – grilled with a touch of saffron and fresh lemon $15
Mussels and Clams – steamed in Basil, Garlic and white wine $14
Dungeness Crab Bruchetta – with chopped marinated tomatoes and Parmesan cheese $16
Spanakopita – Spinach, Feta, and Ricotta wrapped in flaky Phyllo and baked (4 pcs) $10
Tomato Bruchetta – topped with marinated tomatoes, Garlic and Parmesan cheese $8
Assorted Olives $8


Soup of the Day – cup 4.00 bowl 6
House Salad* – mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette $8
Caesar Salad – with hearts of romaine, creamy Caesar dressing and fresh Parmesan and homemade croutons Anchovies optional $8
Greek Salad* – chopped hearts of romaine with English cucumbers, Roma tomato, feta
cheese and kalamata olives in a fresh lemon-mint dressing $8
Cranberry Salad* – Spring mixed greens with dried Cranberries, toasted walnuts, and blue cheese drizzled with Raspberry vinaigrette $8
Spinach Salad* – with feta cheese, prosciutto, walnuts, Mandarin oranges and Raspberry vinaigrette $8
Grilled Chicken Salad – warm breast of chicken served on a bed of mixed greens and marinated red cabbage topped with balsamic dressing $13
Albacore Tuna Salad – with celery, scallions, and bell pepper served on a bed of mixed greens and sliced tomatoes with Kalamata olives and homemade flatbread triangles 13.00
Insalata Caprese – tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette $10
Seafood Salad – grilled fresh fish of the day served with mixed greens, tomatoes, capers and lemon-thyme dressing Market Price (With grilled prawns $19)
Dungeness Crab Salad – tossed with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, Feta cheese, Kalamata olives served on a bed of Spring mixed greens and Balsamic vinaigrette $24
  (SPLIT FEE: 1.50)
  * add grilled chicken breast $14
* add grilled jumbo prawns


Fresh Fish – served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables Market Price
One-Half Roasted Chicken – seasoned with lemon and fresh rosemary, served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables $16
Chicken Kabob – grilled marinated chicken breast with bell pepper, onion and mushroom brushed with a touch of saffron, served with saffron basmati rice and grilled Roma tomato $16
Shish Kabob – a combination of grilled marinated chicken and lamb tenderloin with bell peppers and red onion served with grilled Roma tomato and saffron basmati rice $21
Beef Kabob – grilled marinated filet mignon with bell pepper, onion and mushroom served with mint chutney, saffron basmati rice and grilled Roma tomato $22
Roasted Pork Chop – with house-made applesauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetables $19

Mediterranean Jumbo Prawns – in a light curry sauce with baby spinach, garlic, basil, Roma tomatoes and served over basmati rice $21

Spanish Paella – with spicy sausage, gulf shrimp, chicken, clams, mussels, green beans and tomatoes, tossed together with saffron basmati rice $21
Lamb Kabob – grilled marinated lamb tenderloin with bell pepper, onion and mushroom, brushed with a touch of Saffron and served with mint chutney, Saffaron basmati rice and grilled Roma tomato $23


Ravioli – homemade pasta filled with Swiss chard, ricotta, Romano and Parmesan cheeses topped with marinated tomatoes and a touch of sage butter, or Marinara or Pesto r $13
Vegetable Lasagne – layered homemade pasta with mushrooms, zucchini, squash, eggplant, Ricotta and Mozzarella served with Parmesan and Marinara sauce $15
Farfalle – with prosciutto, Roma tomatoes, baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest and light cream topped with Parmesan and chopped Parsley $16
Linguine – with sauteed chicken breast, wine, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes in a light pesto cream sauce** topped with Parmesan and chopped Parsley ** $16
Spaghettini – with gulf shrimp, mussels, clams, roasted garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms in a spicy marinara sauce topped with chopped Parsley and Parmesan $17
Angel Hair Pasta – with baby spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini and squash tossed in a light marinara sauce topped with chopped Parsley and Parmesan $13
Salmon Linguine – with snow peas, roasted pine nuts and fresh dill in a garlic cream sauce topped with Parmesan and chopped Parsley $18
Fettuccine – with gulf shrimp, Roma tomatoes, Italian parsley, and creamy marinara sauce $18
Mediterranean Fettuccine – with eggplant, kalamata olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and marinara sauce $14
Prawn & Scallop Linguine – with tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic tossed in white wine and pesto sauce with chopped Parsley and Parmesan 18.00
Scallop Linguine – with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil in a light tomato cream sauce with chopped Parsley and Parmesan 18.00
Dungeness Crab – tossed with angel hair pasta, capers, tomatoes, white wine and garlic then topped with goat cheese and fresh basil $24
Beef Marsala – thin slices of beef tenderloin with mushrooms, onion, bell pepper and Marsala wine tossed with Fettuccine pasta topped with Parmesan and chopped Parsley $18
  (Entree & Pasat Split Fee: 2.00)

PIZZAS From Our Wood-Burning Oven, Individual Size & All With Mozzarella

Italian Sausage – with roasted peppers, caramelized onions and $13
Taheri’s – with caramelized onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes & feta cheese $13
Vegetarian – with caramelized onions, grilled eggplant, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and fresh tomatoes $12
Margherita – with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil $12
Pepperoni $13
Garlic Chicken – with Italian parsley $13
Mediterranean – with prosciutto, artichoke hearts and kalamata olives $14
Gulf Shrimp – with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese $15
Calzone – with ricotta and mozarella cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, caramelized onion and spicy Italian sausage with marinara sauce $13
  ** Contain Nuts


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(925) 933-1000

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